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Shorten / Lengthen Standard $22.90 Lengthen Maximum (False Hem) $33.90 Culotte Shorten Standard $29.90 Take in Waist (Centre Back) $35.90 Taper Leg Knee Down $42.90 Taper Leg Crotch to Hem $52.90 Replace Zipper $29.90 Reham $15.00 Seam $10.00 Per Button $5.00 With Linning Plus $10.00

Casual Dress/Jumpsuit

Shorten Hem Standard from $32.90 Shorten Straps Standard (Just Cut) from $19.90 Shorten Straps Standard (Original Look) from $32.90 Shorten Shoulders & Reshape (Original Look) from $39.90 With Reshape Sleeves from $52.90 Take in standard from $36.90 Replace Zipper from $36.90 Reham $15.00 Seam $10.00 With Linning plus $10.00

Suit Jacket Alterations

Shorten Sleeves to Original Look $79.90 Take-in Sleeves $69.90 Take-in Centre Back Seam $49.90 Take-in 2 Side Seams $69.90 Shorten Jacket Hem $69.90


Shorten Hem from $29.90 Shorten Sleeves Original $49.90 Take in Side Seams $36.90 Take-in (Create Back Darts) $39.90 Take in Sides & Darts $49.90 Button ( bulk discount available) $5.00

Curtain & Cushions

For curtains and Cushions, due to the different variations you can always send us your measurements, quantities and details to get a more accurate quote. * BULK DISCOUNT AVAILABLE *


Shorten Standard $22.90

Shorten Original $36.90

Take in Waist Original (centre back) $42.90

Taper Leg Knee Down (with Shortening $22.90) $42.90

Taper Leg Full (with Shortening $22.90) $52.90

New Stud $10.00

Replace Zipper $29.90


Shorten Standard (A shape) from $32.90 Shorten Standard (Wider shape) from $39.90 Take in Waist standard $36.90 Replace Zipper from $25.00 With Lining plus $10.00

T Shirt

Shorten Hem (Double Stitch) $28.90 Take in Side Seams $36.90

Formal Dress Alterations

For dresses, design and details such as beading, boning, quantity of layers, zippers and etc varies the price, you can always send us a picture for a cost estimate or ask our sewer in person for exact price. we committed to provide high quality at the best price. Shorten Dress Lined from $49.90 Shorten Straps Lined from $49.90 Take in Lined from $49.90

Invisible Mending

Individual threads are taken from the unseen interior fabric of the garment and one by one are rewoven to fix the damaged areas. The pattern, colour and weave will be meticulously matched to appear the same as the original and the repair will last for the lifetime of the garment. The invisibility of the garment repair will depend on the type of material the garment is made of. Great results come from dark colours and soft wool. Light colours, stiff, synthetic and fine fabrics are not ideal. The minimum turnaround time is 3 weeks – Mending for 5mm diameter starts from $100, depending on the difficulty of the repair. Invisibility will be between 70% – 95%, confirmation of percentage will be given along with quote.

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We offer all our senior customers 10% off on every order.


School Uniform

20% OFF

We offer 20% off for school uniforms alterations.

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We offer alterations for rural, remote, mobility restricted.