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floral dress

Formal Alterations

Our tailors are experts when it comes to all dresses and gown alterations.


Suit Alterations

There is nothing classier than a well-fitted and well-tailored suit. We can turn any suit into that perfectly fitted one.

Cutting Jeans

Shorten Pants

Whether it is a pair of pants, a skirt, a dress or sleeves, we can lengthen or shorten them to fit you just right.

Plus Size Models


We use strong original denim thread for all our denim alterations.


We can resize/Reshape all types of garments from casual wear to formal wear. 


Double Stitch

We alter shirts, T shirts and jeans with double stitch to the original look. 


Take in & Let out

If a garment is too big or too small or just needs some adjustments we can alter your garments to your perfect fit.



If you need a professional tailor to take your measurements for an online order or any other clothing or gown orders, we are here to help.

We   Offer



10% OFF

We offer all our senior customers 10% off on every order.


School Uniform

20% OFF

We offer 20% off for school uniforms alterations.

At Work on the Farm

Rural Services

Rural & Remote

We offer alterations for rural, remote, mobility restricted.

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